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Got a big hump on you nose? Is it too long, too wide, or too big for your face? Are you unhappy with droopy skin and bags around your eyes? Are your breasts too small, too large, or starting to sag? Tired of trying to hide your embarrassing love handles or that ugly belly fat? Ashamed of those deep lines around your mouth, heavy jowls, or “turkey-gobbler” neck skin? Is your hairline receding just like your father’s?

All of the above and more can be improved with Plastic Surgery.

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Without the information on this page, you might try the following:

1. Ask a friend who’s had a similar improvement, and visit that friend’s surgeon. (And then hope you get a similar result.)

2. Read lots of magazine articles about Plastic Surgery. (Not very reliable, but you get some general information)

3. Search Yellow Pages ads and listings for local Plastic Surgeons. (Then close your eyes and choose one.)

4. Search newspaper or magazine ads for Plastic Surgeons. (Same as Yellow Pages.)

5. Search online reviews for Plastic Surgeons. (Same as Yellow Pages.)

6. Ask your local medical society for a list of Plastic Surgeons. (They rotate referrals among member surgeons. Close your eyes once again and guess.)

7. Call local hospitals for a list of Plastic Surgeons on staff. (They rotate referrals among staff surgeons. Close your eyes and guess again.)

8. Contact Specialty Societies for recommendations (Another rotating roster for referrals – Close your eyes and guess.)

9. Visit several Plastic Surgeons. (Expensive, exhausting,  and time counsuming. Keep your eyes & ears open but then guess again. Is your #1 choice a handsome second-rate surgeon with a charming personality and fancy office, or one who consistently delivers good results?)

OR: Armed with the information on this page, you can:

Register for a Confidential Photo Evaluation by a highly respected and experienced Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon to discover the following:

1. Is it possible and feasible that Plastic Surgery can improve the feature you don’t like?

2. How to get the exact improvement you want – Including the surgical method recommended by a respected Plastic Surgeon with many years of personal experience.

3: How to identify and locate a qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon near you;

4. Telltale signs of dangerous, dishonest, phony, or second-rate surgeons.

5: Twelve (12) crucial questions to ask during a consultation with any Plastic Surgeon.

6: Your specific chances for a super result.

7: Exactly what’s involved to achieve the improvment you desire. Learn details such as, cost, recovery time, types of anesthesia, risks, post-surgery limitations on work or physical activity, and more.

8: One important inside secret to keep you calm and in control during your consultation with a Plastic Surgeon.

9: How strong is your motivation?

10. Why certain family members may be against your desire for improvement.

11. One proven method to absolutely remove the opposition in #10.

12: More inside tips such as: If you decide to move forward with surgery, what are the best days and times to have your procedure scheduled?

NOTICE: A Confidential Photo Evaluation helps eliminate dangerous guessing games. By submitting current photos of the feature you wish to have improved, you can obtain the expert opinion of an experienced Plastic Surgeon about that specific feature and how it can be improved. You can also receive a Confidential Report that includes specific surgical procedures available that can achieve the improvement you desire, and more. The information in our report is designed to help prepare you to safely choose a Plastic Surgeon and proper surgical procedure. Your personal report is based on the opinion of a former Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years in private practice, successfully performing thousands of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures.

This report is like having your own personal Plastic Surgeon at your side to advise and guide you through the entire Cosmetic Surgery process. Armed with this information, you can  move forward with confidence toward the improvement of your dreams.

To register for your Confidential Photo Evaluation,
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The following may be unnecessary for some, but will answer several important questions for others. Such as...Who started Plastic Surgery Confidential and why? is owned and operated by JL Team, LLC. The founder of JL Team, LLC is an MD Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years of surgical experience. After successfully completing two separate residency programs at accredited U.S. University Hospitals in 1) Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic Surgery, and in 2) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our founder has personally performed thousands of successful cosmetic surgery procedures for patients in New York City, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills, California.

As an example, in his own Accredited Surgical Suite at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, he performed surgical improvements for many well known celebrities in the movie and entertainment industries. He has also performed cosmetic surgery improvements for business & career individuals, professional athletes, housewives and mothers, nurses, fathers, students, teachers, military personnel, fellow physicians and surgeons and their family members, and others whose appearance is equally important to them and to him.

This surgeon has also been invited on multiple occasions by respected attorneys to serve as an Expert Witness in U.S. legal cases involving cosmetic plastic surgery. His training, credentials, and experience are extraordinary.

Now retired from the practice of medicine & surgery, our founder prefers to remain anonymous on this public forum. Individuals who obtain a Photo Evaluation from JL Team, LLC, will receive a Confidential Report that includes the name and professional credentials of our founder.

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Not all features or situations can be successfully altered, but modern advances in plastic surgery make possible hundreds of physical changes. If you’re unhappy with some part of your physical appearance, there’s a good chance it can be improved. Experienced plastic surgeons can determine what’s possible and what isn’t. These experts can also ascertain which individuals or physical features are likely to achieve a truly desirable result, and which may not. In other words, who’s a “good candidate” for a particular procedure, and who isn’t.

Individuals unhappy with some physical feature often feel embarrassed to discuss their concerns with friends or family. To visit a Plastic Surgeon’s office requires courage, determination, and preparation. A personal consultation may require embarrassing explanations. It can also result in being forced to share your private concerns with friends or family. And there’s the cost to consider.

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At JL Team, LLC we respect each of these concerns. We understand reluctance to commit before having sufficient information to even decide if surgery feels right for you. For these very reasons our founder makes this unique service available. Our evaluation service might be thought of as a “pre-consultation” private evaluation.


A visit to a typical Plastic Surgeon’s office requires significant effort on your part. It may take several weeks just to get an appointment. Once there, you’re generally required to fill out page after page of routine questions, provide your medical history, personal contact information, work and billing information, emergency contacts, responsible party information, insurance details, etc etc. Next, you can expect a lengthy wait in a crowded reception area, hoping meanwhile that you won’t run into anyone you know. You might suspect that others in the crowded room can tell just by looking, exactly why you’re there. Perhaps you even try to hide your face behind an outdated magazine, or wrap your entire head in a scarf. You may eventually be called inside to undergo a preliminary history and physical examination by a nurse practitioner or doctor in training before you ever meet the surgeon. Another medical assistant may take photographs of the feature you want corrected. By the time the surgeon arrives with his entourage of “visiting physicians”  and completes his examination (embarrassing for you?)  you have probably forgotten many important questions you intended to ask.

At this early stage of your quest, doesn’t it feel a bit overwhelming to even consider such a visit?



There’s a very good reason why Plastic Surgeons take before and after pictures of their patients. Decent quality preoperative photographs display minute details of the physical features of interest. Postoperative photos document changes in those same features following surgery.

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Experienced Plastic Surgeons study before and after photographs on a daily basis. They become quite expert at determining from photographs exactly what needs to be corrected. They can also predict with considerable accuracy how a given structure is likely to heal. This allows them to predict what the final appearance is likely to be following an approved surgical procedure. In other words, by studying decent quaility photographs, an experienced Plastic Surgeon can determine what features can be corrected, what surgical procedure is most likely to achieve the desired correction, and whether the feature in the photos appears to be a reasonable choice for a specific procedure.

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Our service is quite different from the office visit described above. You receive the results of our evaluation in the privacy of your own home, in your own space, delivered to your own personal computer, to be viewed at your convenience, and available for review as many times as you like. Nobody has to know that you’re even thinking about cosmetic surgery – not close friends, not your employer, schoolmates, neighbors, significant other, or family members. Nobody!

Reports of our evaluation are strictly Confidential – “For Your Eyes Only.” Also, our expert has retired from the practice of medicine. He does not take a medical history. He does not examine you, or attempt to make a medical diagnosis, or prescribe any treatments or medications. He is not your personal physician or surgeon. You won’t be subjected to uncomfortable examinations or embarrassing situations. He has no financial motivation regarding if you decide to have surgery, or when, or where. While our expert no longer practices medicine, he has more than 20 years experience as a top Plastic Surgeon. His opinion is accurate, honest, and can be extremely valuable to you.

So exactly what services does our expert provide? And how does a photo evaluation work?

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To receive a Confidential Photo Evaluation, you simply submit personal photographs of the feature(s) you’d like to improve. Any digital camera works well for these photos, including most cell-phone cameras. Before registering for this service, Tap or Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to take photos of specific physical features.

You will upload the following:

#1) 1 to 5 digital photo images

#2) Our intake form (completed) that details exactly what feature(s) you wish to have improved.

#3) Any personal questions you may have

Once we receive the above documents, we invite our expert Plastic Surgeon to personally review your submitted photos and deliver his opinion to us. We will then provide you with a confidential report of his evaluation.

Your report includes: 1) Our expert’s opinion about your major area of concern, 2) whether the physical feature in the photos appears suitable for surgical correction (good candidate?) 3) improvements that appear feasible, 4) specific approved procedures that can modify and improve the appearance of that feature, 5) answers to the questions you submitted, 6) information about this type of cosmetic surgery procedure, 7) tips to help prepare you for a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon, 8) insider secrets for how to remain calm and in control when visiting a Plastic Surgeon’s office, 9) proven methods for dealing with family members who are  resistant to your desired improvement, and more.


How much is it worth to know that your personal photographs are being evaluated by a top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon? Or to receive a detailed report that includes insider information and tips from experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

This is like having your own personal Plastic Surgeon to take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way.

Regarding your nose, face, breasts, or other feature you’d like to improve, what would you expect to pay just for the expert opinion of a top Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years experience?

How much would it be worth to obtain this expert’s confidential opinion plus much additional information, all in the privacy of your own home, so that nobody else has to know about your concern or your desires?

$275?   $350?  $500?  More?


For a limited time, our Confidential Photo Evaluation service is available for a cost of $57 (Fifty Seven Dollars U.S.)

This amount entitles each registrant to: A) our Expert's Photo Evaluation (5 photos maximum) and B) Our Confidential Report.

Each Report will include an evaluation of one specific feature or area of concern (i.e. face & neck area, nose, eyelids, breasts, abdomen, ears, scalp, legs, arms, buttocks, etc.)

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NOTE: We do NOT offer photo evaluations or reports for gender transformations or any surgical modification of primary sex organs or structures. We do not accept or evaluate photos of these areas.


The following are common questions from registrants. Before registering for your personal Photo Evaluation, a review of this list may help generate your own questions:

  1. Is it possible to improve the appearance of: the hump on my nose, my small breasts, droopy eyelids, love handles, sagging neck skin, etc
  2. What procedure is most likely to deliver the correction I desire?
  3. How is this done?
  4. What options are available to obtain the improvement I want?
  5. Am I a good candidate for this procedure? (i.e.Can I expect to obtain a good result from a proper surgical procedure?)
  6. Do my photos show any areas that appear difficult or impossible to correct?
  7. When can I go out in public after surgery? (With no bandages, bruises, swelling, or other visible signs of surgery.)
  8. What will I be required to do before having this type surgery? (Lab work, x-rays, special studies, dietary restrictions, medications, restriction of supplements, etc)
  9. What type anesthesia will I receive for this surgery?
  10. How much pain will I have after surgery?
  11. If I have pain, what medications can I take?
  12. How soon can I smoke cigarettes (or pot) before surgery? After surgery?
  13. How much does this surgery typically cost?
  14. Is financing available for my procedure?
  15. I have ___ insurance. Will my medical insurance cover this type of surgery?
  16. What are my risks associated with this surgery?
  17. Can my procedure be performed in an office surgical suite or must I go to a hospital?
  18. If performed in a hospital, how many days will I have to stay?
  19. How long will I be out of commission (work/school/physical activities) following this correction?
  20. What limitations will I face during the healing period?
  21. How long after surgery before I can____ (drive, eat solid food, have sex, swim, jog, take a shower, work out, wear normal clothing, wear makeup, get my hair done, appear in public, return to work, scuba dive, fly on an airplane, etc)
  22. I’ve been diagnosed with  ____ (medical condition(s.) How does this affect the correction that I desire?
  23. How can I explain to my ___ (parents, husband, wife, significant other, friends) why I want this correction?
  24. What should I tell my ____ (parents, husband, wife, significant other, friends, boss, teachers, coach,  classmates, etc) to explain my absence?
  25. If you think of other questions, ask them. We have answers.
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1. Have we explained exactly what a Confidential Photo Evaluation is and how the process works?

2. Do you understand everything that we explained?

3. Does it make sense?

Fair enough.

To register for your Confidential Photo Evaluation,
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